Crankyhammer episode 3 – Fantasia Fanatic XXXI

Special episode where we interview Andreas Bäckström of gaming store Fantasia about the upcoming tournament Fantasia Fanatic XXXI in Umeå 6th to 7th of May 2017.

Information about the event:

Buy your ticket here:

40k tournament details:år%202017%2040K.pdf

Age of Sigmar tournament details:år%202017%20AOS.pdf

WarmaHordes tournament details:år%202017%20Warmachine.pdf

Contact details to Andreas and Fantasia Fanatic: 

00:00 Start of episode

01:36 Start of interview, background and general information of Fantasia Fanatic

36:24 40k tournament

1:33:36 Age of Sigmar tournament

1:44:04 WarmaHordes tournament

1:51:52 Best in Show

1:53:16 Fair play and why the price is awarded the way it is

1:55:00 General discussion: battlepoints, reporting your score, the future, etc.

2:05:38 Outro

2:06:19 End of episode

Crankyhammer episode 2 – #notmyrulebook

00:00 Start of episode

01:34 Who we are and why we started this Podcast

06:50 News and rumors

52:52 Hobby progress

1:21:44 Leaving gift

1:28:39 Get off my lawn!!! – Comp or no comp?

2:37:37 End of episode

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Dan’s Instagram account: @youtelling
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Leaving gifts

Crankyhammer episode 1 – Runs around arms flailing

00:00 Start of episode

02:50 News and rumors

34:05 Hobby Progress Section

1:15:30 Leaving gift


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